Educational Mission

Our primary goal is educational: to get hands on experience working in teams applying modern machine learning tools to real problems with real data. As part of this goal, we compete in internal prediction challenges, as well as represent CU Boulder in global competitions as seen on Kaggle, DrivenData, Quantopian, and other platforms. The team has an official 1-credit companion course as well.

Meet a Data Scientist (MADS) Series

Every meeting (Tuesdays @ 5pm), we begin by hearing from a practicing data scientist or data science researcher. Talks are usually 10-15 minutes, and give students a glimpse of the breadth of data science in practice, beyond classroom projects and competitions, and the diversity in the types of data, techniques, and applications. Researchers often share techniques they are developing, or how they use existing techniques to advance scientific knowledge; practicing data scientists often share their experiences about what works and when it works. Talks are typically aimed toward beginner and intermediate students, with some technical details for the more advanced students.

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