The Colorado Data Science Team hosts several competitions each semester with prizes for the top three teams.

  • These prizes are often sponsored by a local business or nonprofit organization, and in exchange, we invite the sponsor to come to a team meeting at the beginning or end of the competition to tell us about their organization and how they use, or would like to use, data science or machine learning techniques to advance their goals.
  • Often sponsors are actively looking to hire a data scientist, or simply stay in touch with some of the most talented potential data science recruits in the Denver metro area, and speaking to the team can be a great way to do either.
  • We always work with sponsors to find a data set for a challenge or competition that is particularly relevant to their domain, so that the students on the team who are best able to work with that kind of data will naturally rise to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Alternatively, the competition itself can be posed to solve a real data-related problem an organization is facing, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time data scientist.
  • For the team, aside from providing us the resources to offer prizes in our challenges, sponsorships are a great way to connect talented students to potential opportunities in industry.

If your organization would like to sponsor a challenge, please reach out to the Colorado Data Science leadership team at